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TRIBLOC-MONOBLOC with Gravity Level Filling system for still beverages

The Gravity Fillers in this Tribloc / Monobloc range are designed for bottling of still beverages

or liquids with very small amount of CO2 such as wine, still water, liqueurs, spirits, vinegar, fruit juice, etc…

This machine is completed with crowner, screw capper for PET or ROPP caps or corker and it has been designed for inclusion in automatized production lines.


Capacity to 3,000 BPH - with single head capper

  • number of rinser heads: 8-12-15-16-18-21
  • number of filling valves: 8-12-15-16-18-21-24
  • number of capper heads: 1

Capacity to 12,000 BPH - with rotary capper

  • number of rinser heads: 12-15-16-18-21-24
  • number of filling valves: 18-21-24-27-30
  • number of capper heads: 4-6-8

Tribloc / Monobloc for 5L PET bottles

  • number of rinser heads: 8-10
  • number of filling valves: 8-10-12
  • number of capper heads: 1-3-4












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