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RAVECO s.r.o. Chotěboř

RAVECO company is specialised in the design and construction of machinery for bottling beer and a wide range of other sparkling or non-carbonated beverages.

RAVECO products are based on own design and own manufacturing of all important componets. 

All this has enabled RAVECO to operate at international markets for years, aware of the company’s ability to offer a quality and durable product.

RAVECO bottling machines are installed on all continents, in demanding markets as  U.S.A, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, United Arab Emirates or African countries.

RAVECO offers a huge range of machine for bottling liquids in glass, PVC and PET bottles. The machines produced under the RAVECO brand name include:

  • Tribloc ( rinser, filler and capper )
  • Monobloc ( filler and capper )
  • stand-alone Rinser , Filler or Capper
  • complete conveyors systems
  • hand opearated or semi-automatic machines

RAVECO filling system include :

  • Counter Pressure Fillers for carbonated liquids such as beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks, carbonated water , ...
  • Fillers for still liquids or liquids with very small amount of CO2 such as wine, still water, liqueurs, spirits,   vinegar,  fruit juice, etc…
  • Fillers for viscous liquids such as vegetable oil or sirups.
  • Fillers for filling of 5L PET bottles.



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